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Seminole Wars 53

Florida is open territory for Andrew Jackson to deal a hand…or three.

Lewis and Clark (Part Two) 45

This expedition could be titled, “Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark.”  Learn why…

Headed South! 28

The British take the war to the South!

The Battles of Saratoga 25

The tides of war are about to change!

The Articles of Confederation 24

“We must indeed all hang together…or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”  -Benjamin Franklin

The Marquis de Lafayette 23

France comes bearing gifts for the Patriots!

Battle of Princeton 22

That one time Alexander Hamilton blew up Princeton College!

Crossing the Delaware River 20

The Germans get coal for Christmas…

Great Fire of New York 19

Burn baby burn!

California and the Spanish 18

Spain is on a “mission” of faith!