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WTF do we do next? 33

WTF do we do?  We’ve won a war for independence…now what?

That Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, Benedict Arnold 27


Valley Forge 26

Quick and Dirty History is back baby!  Americans have always dealt with hardship.  As the world keeps turning, all we can do is move forward.  Whether it’s COVID-19 or Valley Forge, we must remain united.  Remember, things have been tough in the past too.  The story of Valley Forge begins now!

The Battles of Saratoga 25

The tides of war are about to change!

The Widowmakers 21

The American army rewrites the rules of warfare!

British Prison Ships 17

Prisoners of war

Common Sense 13

Thomas Paine releases his pro-independence pamphlet, Common Sense.

Washington Assumes Command 12

George Washington gets in the game!

Lexington and Concord 09

The shot heard round the world…

Monopoly 05

A win for the smugglers!