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Electoral College V. Popular Vote and the Election of 1824 55

What does Corruption, Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and the Electoral College have in common?  They’re all corrupt.  Tune in!

Rising Tension and Old Tippecanoe (War of 1812) 48

War with England part two…

The Constitution 35

Our founding fathers got the pens and pencils, and got down to business!  Learn how the great American Constitution came to be.

WTF do we do next? 33

WTF do we do?  We’ve won a war for independence…now what?

Headed South! 28

The British take the war to the South!

The Battles of Saratoga 25

The tides of war are about to change!

Great Fire of New York 19

Burn baby burn!

Battle of Long Island 16

The sneaky retreat!

Fort Ticonderoga 10

The rebels nab some firepower!