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Louisiana Purchase 43

The United States “supersizes” itself.

Political Mudslinging 41

If anyone knows how to talk $#i%, it’s a politician.  Jefferson and Adams started it.

America’s First President 38

The main man, George Washington, takes his place in American history once again as our first president.

The Story of the Bill of Rights…Told by a Fish! 37

The first ten amendments to the constitution make up a story.  Listen in to hear it told during a day in the life of a wrongfully accused fish.

WTF do we do next? 33

WTF do we do?  We’ve won a war for independence…now what?

That Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, Benedict Arnold 27


The Articles of Confederation 24

“We must indeed all hang together…or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”  -Benjamin Franklin

Battle of Princeton 22

That one time Alexander Hamilton blew up Princeton College!

Battle of Long Island 16

The sneaky retreat!

Women and Revolution 14

Women are a critical part of the military in 1776!  Hello ladies!